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Why did you join VERSE?

I joined because I've seen how welcoming Novee and Sam are, super chill, competitive during ranked or tournaments but never lose sight of the enjoyment of being a gamer/streamer. I bring that same welcoming energy to my streams, regardless of how many people are in there we always have fun. I feel I can bring that fun, competitive, and positive energy to Verse and help it grow into something great.


When did you get into content creating and how has your content evolved since?

I got into content creating while I was in college, making dance videos with my dance crew. But I started streaming somewhere between 2018-2019. I was always a gamer, and my friends and I would always have a blast playing games and cracking jokes, so I figured why not turn this into content. My streams have evolved since back then due to me gaining an understanding of the craft along my journey.


What goal or milestone are you currently working on achieving?

Goals that i'm working on now is mainly quality content, the followers with come and be consistent if they enjoy the content. I want to get to the point to where people tune in like it's their favorite show to binge and have fun.


How does gaming culture need to evolve and what would you like to see change?

The gaming culture is constantly evolving, I mean look at popular games that are out now. For example, Hogwarts, there's people that know nothing about harry potter that's enjoying the game. I feel that the culture shifts with what material(games) we're given. Gaming has helped many people financially now, when that wasn't the case back in the day. You can literally see something new every day.

Are there any achievements you’d love to share?

As far as achievements, my affiliate 24 hour stream was pretty dope, I believe that day I was also pushing for level 500 on apex from 482 in a single day. It was rough, but we had a blast.

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