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Why did you join VERSE?

I joined VERSE because I wanted to be part of an org who not only wants to have great content creators but actually want to shift gaming culture by having a diverse group. So many orgs that I look at tend to have the same group of people and caters to the same group of people rather than trying to expand their reach. I believe as VERSE grows they will be able to bring so many more people together in the gaming community. I believe I will be able to contribute to this continuing to promote my own corner as a safe place for all walks of life and spread positivity in the gaming scene.


When did you get into content creating and how has your content evolved since?

I posted art on Instagram freshman year of high school and then started streaming art on twitch freshman year of college on my crappy little laptop with a schedule that was all over the place. I ended up taking streaming seriously in 2021 and reached affiliate that same year only 6 months later. My content was originally just art but I decided to branch out with gaming as my community grew. I also became a vtuber during my 1 year affiliate stream in 2022.


What goal or milestone are you currently working on achieving?

I am currently working towards 1k followers on twitch and tiktok, opening an online art shop, have an art table at a convention, host my own charity tournament, double the amount that I raised for Thankmas last year, upgrade from a png model to a live model.


How does gaming culture need to evolve and what would you like to see change?

Gaming culture needs to be more supportive of each other. Competitive games are getting larger and larger and I feel like this has caused gamers to become even more hateful towards each other. It is really sad to see little to no sportsmanship in the competitive scene and even in the casual gaming scene. People can't even give their all, lose, smile after, and go again. Yes, you can be upset/annoyed/etc but we get to try again and at the end of the day it's just a game. I want to see more gamers get over their egos and remember that each other are people. Playful banter is fun but the toxicity gets old and you just start to look stupid and unbearable to watch.

Are there any achievements you’d love to share?

My biggest achievement would definitely be raising $5k+ for the World Central Kitchen. It has been amazing to see them bring millions of meals to people who are in crisis and help those people out (like in Turkey and Syria) and know that my community and I played a part in helping. I am also proud of my 21hr birthday stream for 21 years. That was my first time doing a very long stream and I had a lot of fun with my community. Very grateful for them.

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