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Why did you join VERSE?

I join VERSE because I saw it was a great opportunity to grown, but grow with people I know what they stand for!


When did you get into content creating and how has your content evolved since?

I got into content creating about a year and a half! My content has evolved big time! The reason is because I started to evolved was for the simplv reason because I started to believe in myself! I started to stream more, and just have fun!


What goal or milestone are you currently working on achieving?

The goals I'm currently achieving is to hit 1000 followers on twitch and maybe in the future collaborate with other content creators too!


How does gaming culture need to evolve and what would you like to see change?

The gaming community gets bigger and bigger each time, but with that there's a lot of hate that goes towards women and people that are part of the LGBTQIA community. I would say I would like to see a place in twitch or any platform where we can just be ourselves without getting hate because of who we are!

Are there any achievements you’d love to share?

Some achievements I would like to share is I recently hit 200 followers on twitch and 1.4K on twitch.

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