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Co-founder, VERSE

Co-founder, VERSE


Zi Espinoza

Co-founder, VERSE

Alias: NoveeNovee

Pronouns: They/Them

Location: Houston, TX


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A Bit About Me

Hi I'm Zí but I also go by Novee! I am a Chicane Queer Nonbinary content creator. I was born and raised in San Diego but I'm currently in Houston living with my girlfriend who you all may know as imnotsam_. I have been streaming on Twitch since March 21st, 2020, but before that I posted YouTube videos as a hobby in high school and undergrad. My love for content creating started when I was young filming on my laptop and phone with my cousins then later showing them to my family and friends. Initially content creating to me was about making others laugh and showing others choreographies I came up with. After YouTube and now Twitch content creating to me turned into a love of connecting with other people and educating when I can in areas I am passionate about (such as the LGBTQ+ and skincare).

On Twitch I stream a variety of things such as PS5 games, steam games, switch games, tarot readings, watch YouTube videos, and playing with paint. I love to sell some of my paintings here at . If you'd ever like to get to know me more stop by a stream or take a look at the questions answered below!

You asked. We answered.

What was your favorite childhood game?

What are your hobbies away from gaming?

What was your inspiration for cofounding VERSE?

My favorite childhood game to play was Yoshi’s Story on the N64. I loved how cute the game was and it wasn’t too scary to play as a kid. What I loved most was the songs and sounds in the game. Hearing the music to this day still brings me serotonin and brings me back to those happy moments playing as a kid.

My hobbies away from video games include painting, making stickers, designing clothes, doing puzzles, and filming videos to post on YouTube.

My inspiration for cofounding VERSE started in a conversation with Sam and further developed when talking with Rio. The more we shared our ideas together the better I can see the future of our organization becoming a reality. I knew our values and passions of shifting the gaming culture would create this beautiful uniVERSE to share with others alike.

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